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This year marks our 20th Anniversary and the Kleinburg Nobleton Soccer Club continues to experience continued growth and soccer development in our communities. The Club’s growth and accomplishments continued with every year. It was felt that one of the main goals of KNSC was to provide technical excellence, especially in the formative years. To accomplish this, the KNSC Academy was started in the spring of 2009 under the guidance of Luciano DiLoreto as the Academy Director. The Academy, both summer and winter, provided training by highly qualified coaches to all level of players including house league, rep and elite levels. Luciano went on to become the Club’s Technical Director in 2011.

As we reflect on our past accomplishments and continue to grow, the Club agrees that there are something’s that will never change. The club is committed and will continue to strive in the development of each athlete from age 4 and up at all levels of play and to provide programs so that each player may achieve their potential.

10415 Islington Avenue

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